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Adventure Glide Ropes Course-Zipline

North Shore Inn at Lake Mead - Adventure Glide Ropes Course-Zipline

Distance from North Shore Inn: 2 miles

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Located just 2 miles south of Downtown Overton, Adventure Glide Ropes Course and Zipline offers fun for the whole family! The Ropes Course and Zipline let participants work their way through a series of high and low elements, building confidence as they complete each section, working their way to the 1000 foot zipline that starts at an elevation of over 100 feet from the ground!

Participants will engage in activities that challenge them physically and mentally, as they work together to challenge themselves to complete each element. It is common knowledge that people learn best by experience, and Adventure Glides uses Experential Education to allow people to reach their full potential while engaging in activities that are not just fun (and they ARE a blast!), but also helpful to them in their every day lives.